Coach and Tutor Petra Zárubová

Mgr. Petra Zárubová, Coach and Tutor


She uses: Portable Kit

The pandemic has brought greater use of online education to our industry. We all had to adapt. Even those who did not believe in distance learning. Online training sessions require more focus on how to keep participants’ attention and interactivity, and it is much harder to concentrate without face-to-face contact, which goes for both the tutor and the participants. To be truly effective, training requires a connection between the participants and the trainer, an attunement to the client, to the group.

It is really difficult and tiring for me to give training without face-to-face interaction with the participants, especially if I don’t see their faces well, because their video is dark, blurry, lack light, etc. It makes a big difference when we can all see and hear each other well. I can better read body language and nonverbal signals and maintain at least virtual eye contact. At the same time, the participants need to see me, the tutor, otherwise their attention, motivation and engagement drops quickly.

I made it possible for my clients to see and hear me well with my new camera and light. And in fact, it didn’t require that much investment in equipment or special technical knowledge. In addition, I can choose the colour of the light, so I look more natural than when using a regular lamp.
Now I wish even I could enjoy the same comfort during my training sessions. There is nothing more frustrating than hoping that those blurred dark faces on the screen are really paying attention to me!

What I appreciate most: The camera can be attached either directly to the monitor, or used with a practical tripod, so when I write something on a laptop during training, the image does not shake.