MUDr. Dita Nováková

MUDr. Dita Nováková, Global Research Director


What she uses: Office Kit with Bone Conducting Handsfree Headphones

I manage teams around the world that are responsible for conducting clinical trials. On a daily basis, I communicate online with many people of many different nationalities and coordinate their work. These are often all-day online marathons, when I spend an average of 4–6 hours a day video conferencing and attending online meetings held in English. In most cases, the participants are not native speakers, so sound quality is very important for understanding each other.

In addition, I often give online presentations to hundreds of people at once. It’s very important for me to look good and professional and to be heard well. I lose patience when I can’t hear or see my colleagues, it’s tiring and inefficient.

What I appreciate most: I work mostly from home, so I don’t want to disturb my surroundings. I have tried various types of headsets – headphones, earphones… The bone conduction handsfree headphones have been the most useful for me as they allow me to hear and understand perfectly when working from home, they are discreet and don’t muss my hair. At the same time, I’m not completely cut off from my surroundings and I’m aware when something happens at home. Plus, even after a few hours, they are comfortable to wear and don’t bother me!