Illustrator Michael Petrus

Michael Petrus, creative director, illustrator and mentor

PC Office Kit

In our industry, it was common to work and communicate remotely before the pandemic, which only reinforced this trend. Our illustration and animation studio artBLOCK works completely remotely, which is why video communication or asynchronous video messaging is a common part of my work from the position of both a creative artist and project manager. As we are constantly working with visuals, the image is important to me. I also need to achieve visual quality in video communication with clients, because the overall impression of using visuals is important for our brand. An integral part of the daily routine is calling and providing feedback to my colleagues. In order to concentrate on the work itself or on solving complex problems, it is necessary not to have other distractions when communicating with clients or colleagues, such as poor image or sound quality. The light for good image, high resolution, and the high-quality crystal-clear sound that the Visixa PC Office Kit provides is essential to achieve seamless communication during my work.

What I appreciate most: One USB cable for audio, video and light. What more could you ask for in these hectic times?



Michael PETRUS
Illustrator / Creative Artist / Consultant