You can really see the difference

Sometimes I only see black or blurry silhouettes on courses

  PhDr. Anita Crkalová, lecturer and coach


I have been working as a trainer and coach for more than 25 years. A year ago, most of my work started to move online. I was convinced that I couldn’t handle the change. I’m building a lot on working with experience and interaction, and I was afraid that I wouldn’t be able to transfer those to the “online” world.

And this was accompanied by a bunch of technical worries:

• How do I make myself easy to see and hear?
• How can I be sure that I will see and hear the participants well?
• How can I increase the professionalism of my online communication?

After the first experience, when we spent a lot of time on the course setting up technical issues and “traveling” around the room during a call because the changing light conditions limited the picture, I “tweaked” the technical issues step by step. My work table was gradually covered with other equipment, lamps from my bedside a table that sometimes fell down, I was dealing with different types of microphones…

A video camera with built-in light and microphone made all this very simple. You can really see the difference. And as a woman, it makes me happy when this camera makes me look good in the picture.
Some clients themselves have responded that they see me well today and that I look good.

Now I wish I could see them as well as the clients see me! Sometimes I see only black or blurred silhouettes during courses, so I can’t monitor non-verbal communication, which is limited in online communication anyway and thus is almost unused. This is a huge disadvantage that affects work efficiency.

Practical tweaks:
• In addition to the quality and design of the camera, I also appreciate the fact that I just need to connect it to my computer and I don’t have to deal with the settings of the technology,
• that it can be used both directly on the monitor and on a practical stand that makes high-quality and professional image and sound transmission even easier,
• and because I’m a stickler for details, I’ll also mention the handy magnetic cap that can be put on the back of the camera while you’re using it and you don’t have to look for it anywhere.